Why Hawaii?

One of the world's most beautiful places - made affordable!

Hawaii is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the world but accommodations here can be very expensive. That’s why we decided to have the first Innovasis Hotel in Hawaii. It will allow people travelling on a budget to experience this amazing destination.

Hawaii market statistics:

Tourists per year:
9.3 mln

Tourism increment:

Hotel avg cost per night:

Avg food expenses:



Our Guests will meet innovation in almost every stage of the hotel – from modular design, our off-the-grid power and water, and  implementing cryptocurrency as an additional way to pay for rooms, meals and services. 


  • Where – Hawaii Oahu
  • When start – 2Q of 2019
  • Guest capacity – from 80 to 450
  • First Slip & Fly slide on Hawaii
  • Building – Dome homes and Modular constructions


Full Innovasis Hawaii Paradise:
35 MLN (divided in 4 phases)


We are building a global network of hotels in the world’s most beautiful destinations that will deliver joyful, life-long memories to our guests. Each hotel is an oasis of positive energy, relaxation, entertainment, productivity, and innovation.

Modular Construction

The hotels are built with leading-edge technology in utilizing modular units. They can be stacked and layered more dynamically than typical concrete construction. Their modular nature also allows for hotel production to be completed up to 4x faster than traditional construction.

Sustainable Energy Independence

Our tech team is developing the most efficient energy solutions with regards to solar batteries, water collection and re-use, automation, and space management. Not only does this mean a minimal environmental footprint, but the hotels are essentially “off the grid”.


The new Cryptocurrency Hotel Coin (“HCI”) will be used as one of the payment methods for all Innovasis Hotel transactions within our hotel network worldwide. Hotel Coin will be used, not only for service fees, but also for food purchases, scooter and jet-ski rentals, and all other transactions across the chain globally.

Smart Technology Solutions

These smart hotels will use electronic sensors and devices to manage resources and help the automation process, making hotel life easier, more efficient, affordable, and more fun.


Fundraising, Partnerships
Pawel Alva Nazaruk​
Chief Executive Officer

Serial entrepreneur and author of a bestselling book, Pawel is experienced in marketing campaigns and product launches, with successful sales raising up to $1.2 mln in 2 week campaigns. He successfully sold his first business and has raised over $6 mln for other ventures. He has lead teams of over 30 people and currently sits on the board of advisors for The Good Game which creates innovative social games for companies like Ebay and Crunch Fitness. He now lives in Silicon Valley Palo Alto. 

VP Hotelery Technology
Adam Schroder​
Hotelery Expert

Adam Schroder has 23 years of experience in the hospitality industry. He has traveled extensively around the world overseeing hundreds of high profile hospitality development projects. Today he serves as the head of Innovation and R&D for Innovasis. Adam is considered to be one of the world’s top minds in hospitality technologies and innovation. Adam is often invited to speak to hospitality groups about the future of the industry. Most recently he present a speech in the Silicon Valley Innovation Center called “Living in the Belly of a Bot.” He has a decorated background of hospitality firsts, from the introduction of advanced robotics in to the hospitality industry, to designing the most water efficient hotel washrooms in the world.

Architecture plans
Robert Cox
Lead Architect, CEO of Sundog Structure

Robert Cox is the Founder and CEO of Sundog Structures, a firm built around the concept of repurposing and reusing existing shipping industry product as a core building material, which produces environmentally friendly products while providing structures that can last for generations. Cox is also a Principal at iDesign Architecture Interiors & Eco/Energy, which specializes in the design and integration of mixed use, multi-family, retail, office and hospitality projects. From 2009-2014 Robert was the CEO of CoolerEarth LLC, a firm whose goal is to simplify sustainability and bring it to the mainstream. Mr. Cox holds degrees in Marketing and Industrial Design from Ohio State University.

Senior Technician
Wesley Osborne
Principal Architect, President of Sundog Structure

Wesley Osborne is the President of Sundog Structures, LLC, a modular manufacturing company located in Tampa, Florida. Sundog Structures manufactures upscale modular buildings using ISO-certified cargo containers, known as Intermodal Steel Building Units (ISBU) and provides residential and commercial buildings with both unique properties and high quality design. Since 2013, Osborne has also served at a Principal at idesign Architects, a full service architectural and interior design firm dedicated to the concept that design is a socially responsible and environmentally respectful pursuit. Finally, Wesley ties his other positions together with over 17 years’ experience as the President of OTD, a general contracting firm based in Mt. Dora, Florida. He has a Master of Architecture from the University of Florida.

Sales, Partnerships, PR
Daniel Cioe​
Chief Sales Officer

Daniel Cioe has over 25 years experience in key sales positions across various industries including the automotive industry and real estate. His strengths come from being a self-motivated, optimistic and success-driven individual who thrives on helping others become successful. Daniel is also known for being a motivational speaker and working side by side with others and teaching them the tools to be successful. He believes in “ Making Things Happen “ and not “ Waiting For Things To Happen “ and that everyone who has that hunger mentality can accomplish anything in life. Daniel lives in Alberta Canada.

Operations, Partnerships​
John Doyle​
Chief Operations Officer

A seasoned veteran of the Marketing, Branding, and Advertising industries, Doyle founded his first Digital Agency, in 1995 and continued to grow the firm for over 20 years to eventually achieve 8-figure revenue and a staff of 72. Throughout this period he was responsible for creating the agency’s vision and mission, and guiding it toward its goals by hiring and managing internal and external teams using a results-oriented philosophy, and participating first-hand in business development activities as required to ensure the firm’s financial health and increasing success.

Hawaiian Partnerships, Land selection
David Leeds
Hawaii Real Estate Representative

David is a sought after and proven real estate consultant in Hawaii. He’s a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy and brings integrity and 100% dedication to each and every client he serves.

David is known for his “no stress” hard-working demeanor. In his spare time, he can be found surfing at Ala Moana beach or operating drone video. David was an early investor of Ripple XRP and continues to invest in blockchain technologies such as Ethereum.

Having completed courses at Stanford University in Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies, David is passionate about improving mainstream renewable energy use.

Architecture designs and concept
Lukasz Priess
Architecture Designer

Lukasz Preiss is multiple-award winning architect and 3D designer. He has been recognized for his work for the Design of the Patent Office in Poland 2007, Competition Gdansk 2008 and was Awarded with “Best Polish Design” diploma in 2017. He was nominated for the title of “Best Design” at the University of Art in Poznan and is currently a team lead at a 3D Department of a gaming company.


  • 2017 & 2018