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This project is designed to incorporate a brand new kind of hospitality experience and real estate investment opportunity.  Our guests are Millennials, Digital Nomads who are often entrepreneurs and freelancers, who want to work, stay and play with their like-minded peers.

Overall, the Innovasis Hotels brand represents a Lifestyle combining the spirit of innovation with a breath-taking oasis.




Our Guests will meet innovation in almost every stage of the hotel.
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We believe room price should not be the sole factor on which we base providing extraordinary experiences.
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Our hotels are FUN, in a way that no other hotels are.    
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Innovasis Hotels will be hospitality reimagined and redesigned; The most innovative and fun hotel chain in the world. Fast to set up using new modular technologies. Truly innovative and environmentally friendly, energy-independent smart facilities supporting blockchain networks worldwide, providing a one-of-a-kind hotel experience.

Modular Construction

The hotels are built with leading-edge technology utilizing modular units that can be stacked and layered far more dynamically than typical concrete construction. Their modular nature also allows for hotel production to be completed up to 4x faster than traditional construction.

Sustainable Energy Independence

Our tech team is developing the most efficient energy solutions in regards to solar energy, water collection and re-use, automation, and space management. Not only does this mean a minimal environmental footprint, but the hotels are essentially “off the grid”.


The new Cryptocurrency Hotel Coin (“HCI”) will be used as one of the payment methods for all Innovasis Hotel transactions within our hotel network worldwide. Hotel Coin will be used not only for service fees, but also for food purchases, scooter and jet-ski rentals, and all other transactions across the chain globally.

Smart technology solutions

These smart hotels will use electronic sensors and devices to manage resources and help the automation process, making hotel life easier, more efficient, affordable, and more fun.



By using space in an extremely effective manner incorporating new modular building systems utilizing state-of-the-art building methods, such as onsite steel-beam CAD production systems, we are able to build much faster and lower total project costs per hotel by a significant factor compared to “bricks and mortar” design/build methods.

Prices start from $30 per night which allow people who travel on a budget to see the most beautiful locations in the world.

4 room standards starting from $30 / night

The paradise and city hotels will have approximately 350-400 sleeping spaces and will offer 4 different levels of accommodation, with prices varying slightly based on location and size. Room sizes will range from a king-sized bed capsule to the highest standard of luxury executive apartments. Our Guests will be able stay in the capsule from just $30 / night.


Modern travellers like our Millennial / Digital Nomad guests require dedicated Coworking spaces with blazingly fast web connections. Here they can work, learn, share and utilize small breakout rooms for calls and meetings – much like a Google Campus environment. Use of coworking spaces will be free to all guests.



Features like slides down to reception,  giant Slip-N-Fly’s, VR Gaming Rooms, real-life gamified interactive experiences, secret “treasure” rooms, and electric jet skis and scooters all speak to creating a uniquely fun experience.

The spirit of Innovasis Hotels is one of positivity and fun. The guest experience is designed to be entertaining, stimulating, and relaxing at the same time. Additionally, entertainment areas will be a major draw for guests to stay in our hotels.

Slip and Fly

Currently still a rare feature across the globe, Slip N Fly is a giant waterslide which throws each adrenaline chaser into the air and then the pool.  A Slip N Fly will be featured at each paradise location.


Slides connect upper floors to the lobby. This a faster and more fun way than using stairs.  Adults will recall how it was to be a child.

Gamification experience

The experience of being in Innovasis hotels will be gamified. By solving riddles guest will find tips which will guide them to hidden rooms with special treats and impressive rewards.

Toys and play

Sports and Yoga areas, a Flow-Rider wave pool, sailing, kite-surfing, jet-ski’s and scooters, soothing vibrant garden mazes and more will round out uniquely fun experiences for adults. Also we plan to animate our Guests with amazing events like water balloon fights!



  • All of the key Innovasis Hotels Branding
  • Global brand awareness
  • Facebook 16k fans
  • Telegram 20k
  • 23k registrations in dashboard
  • 30k mailing list
  • $564,000 raised through cryptocurrency


  • Fully designed concepts of Paradise location hotels
  • Fully designed concepts of City location hotels
  • Fully designed concepts of both extended stay rooms and business centers
  • Fully designed concepts of 3 types of VIP apartments
  • Team recruited with architects and hotelary experts onboard
  • Government connections (Hawaii and Bahamas)
  • Support with local community in Hawaii


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We are curently working on Innovasis Hawaii Paradise. Click here for details.


  • Where? - Hawaii
  • When production start? - Q2 2018

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